Yes! Even an ‘Historical’ organization needs a little help from the modern world once in a while and Historic Melrose Inc has taken the plunge and is now ‘live’ on the World Wide Web. With just a tap of your keyboard you can catch up on all that is happening within Historic Melrose Inc and see current events and happenings in and around Melrose.

In the next few months you will see many new features, such as a community calendar, interesting Blog posts by Historic Melrose Inc members and community residents, featured articles about our unique area and highlights of life here in Melrose.

Be sure to bookmark this page as your Go To website for information, current events and fun goings on around your favorite small town.

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  1. HMI Board of Directors 5 months ago

    For the development and upkeep of Melrose Heritage Park, the HMI board of directors has been collaborating with Putnam County for 16 years using a master plan and design by Richard E. Berry.

    Volunteers are always needed! Thank you!

    Park Project List as of April 2018

    A. Planting approx.. 3 live oak trees to replace the dying water oaks, subject to consultation with Mr. Berry, County, and HMI board.
    B. County arborist inspection of one oak.‎ Ms. P. Fletcher. In work.
    C. Sitting berm on east side. In work.
    D. Centipede grass at bathroom and‎ perimeter. Spread two pounds on 8 April near the new bathroom. More seed needed.
    E. Fix Al and Gloria Burt brick pedestal. Done. Completed by Parks & Rec dept.
    F. Put chemicals in fountain to kill algae. Done. 8 April. This is done quarterly or when needed.
    G. ‎Quarterly weed spray near bricks.
    H. Periodic sprinkler head repair (one on mound is now broken and one valve lid is broken).
    I. Gifts of appreciation to park supporters.
    J. Repairs to Daurer History Center windows, light fixture, etc.
    K. Fund raiser event for HMI and park.
    L. Repair valves near well. Done. Completed by Parks & Rec dept.

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